We tirelessly search for unique antique pieces that meet our strict criteria for restoration and conversion. Be assured that every piece in our inventory is a quality piece, built from solid wood. If you do not see a piece that suits your needs, let us know and we will source it. Every option is available for faucets, basins, hardware, and stone tops, and all of these elements are offered at our cost with no markup. If a trade discount exists with a vendor, we pass it on to you, as our focus is squarely on designing and building beautiful vanities.




36" Tall x 38 1/4" wide x 18 1/2" Deep

Early 1900's serpentine two over two piece in mahogany veneer.  This will be another epic conversion and is sure to win.  Stick with the existing wood top or go with marble, which would be profiled to match the existing scalloped top.  Knobs are cute, but we can do better on hardware.  


Restored, refinished, modified for your plumbing. $5000



34 1/2" Tall x 36" Wide x 16" Deep

Gorgeous hard maple solid wood dresser with turned legs and dovetailed joinery. Profiled top, chamfered legs, and styled skirt are unique details. Original wood knobs will gently contrast against the subtle shimmer of the maple grain. Choose your stain and fixtures and make this piece your own.  


Restored, refinished, modified for your plumbing. $5000

newstock1 side

newstock1 side


34 1/4" Tall x 36" wide x 19" Deep

Classic early 1900's oak 3 drawer dresser. Harmonious grain. Height given is with the wheels removed, legs can be trimmed to suit.


Restored, refinished, modified for your plumbing. $5000





33 1/4" Tall x 51" Wide x 24" Deep

Early 1900's three over two serpentine dresser and mirror. Full description and more photos to follow for this jaw dropping piece. Height to the top of the mirror is 81 3/4. If desired, the mirror can be used independently without the outer frame 


Restored, refinished, modified for your plumbing. $7500 with mirror, $7000 without.






Dimensions to follow

This late 1800's Empire piece is perfection and will definitely be the foundation of a dramatic conversion. The beveled mirror glass is in excellent condition. The mirror height can be adjusted between the arms to bring it to the perfect height for your lighting plan.


Restored, refinished, modified for your plumbing. 




31 Tall x 36" Wide x 18.5" Deep

This early 1900's sideboard features turned legs, a profiled top, and eleganty scrolled trim.  All of these details are sure to come alive with a subtle measure of distressing.  Vintage glass or white ceramic knobs would finish off the piece perfectly.


Restored, refinished, modified for your plumbing, $4500.




33.5" Tall x 42" Wide x 20.5" Deep

Stunning two over two solid oak dresser from the early 1900's with paneled sides and tear drop drawer fronts that are dovetailed and catch the light beautifully. The original matching mirror with the original 1" beveled glass is in very good condition with only minor loss of silvering. 


Restored, refinished, modified for your plumbing, $5500.






34" Tall x 42" Wide x 21" Deep

This two over two solid wood empire dresser dates to the late 1800's. Dramatic posture, gorgeous flowing grain, scrolled legs in signature empire style. This one will hit it out of the park when restored and converted. As always, marble and stone is an enticing option.


Restored, refinished, modified for your plumbing. 





Dimensions to follow

Classic 3 drawer piece, this one from the Early 1900's. Gorgeous everything. Original skeleton key included. Endearing history, originally purchased by WW1 soldier upon returning home. 


Restored, refinished, modified for your plumbing. $7000





32 Tall x 36.5" Wide x 18" Deep

This late 1800's three drawer solid oak dresser was originally made in Vermont in St. Johnsbury. Beautiful grain throughout. No question this piece will have no shortage of character when restored and converted.  Height given at 32" is with the wheels removed.


Restored, refinished, modified for your plumbing $5000.




32 Tall x 40" Wide x 19" Deep

Early 1900's solid maple three drawer dresser with paneled sides. Will refinish very nicely, no question. Pulls on the piece are not original, we can do better. Wheels can be left on for additional height if a partially inset sink is desired.


Restored, refinished, modified for your plumbing $5000





34" 1/2 Tall x 42 1/4" Wide x 20 1/2" Deep

Beautiful early 1900's solid oak two over two piece. Brass keyhole escutcheons on each drawer. Top drawers are bow front, triple paned sides. Perfect height for an inset basin.


Restored, refinished, modified for your plumbing, $5500




74.5." Tall x 48" Wide x 23" Deep

This mid to late 1800's quarter sawn empire bureau is a profoundly stunning piece of furniture, photos nor words can do justice. Bold details and stately dimensions work in uncommon harmony. The shadow lines at play are dramatic and remarkable. The massive, gloriously oversized mirror is 1/4" thick beveled glass, is in very good condition, no loss of silvering and minor surface defects. This piece does need and will receive a deep restoration, with some of the quarter sawn veneer needing to be replaced. I imagine this piece with a hearty deep charcoal toned soapstone top. Bring your own ideas to the table and lets make this an unforgettable restoration and conversion that I am certain would end up being the highlight of a home or castle.

Restored, modified for your plumbing, $7000.





34.5" Tall x 36" Wide x 17.5" Deep

This three drawer dresser from the early 1900's is one of our favorites, the classic design is charmingly simple. Any vessel or bowl would suit this piece perfectly leaving you with plenty of counter space.  


Restored, refinished (painted), modified for your plumbing, $5000.




34.5" Tall x 45" Wide x 21" Deep

This early 1920's two over two dresser is the perfect height for an inset Serif sink. The subtle detail on the drawer fronts and the turned legs make for a stately conversion. 


Restored, refinished (painted), modified for your plumbing, $5500.




32" Tall x 43" Wide x 21" Deep

This 1800's piece could be the foundation for something spectacular. Crafted by a 19th century artisan, the drawer fronts and trimmings are solid walnut. We imagine the addition of solid walnut feet to provide for toe clearance and perhaps side or base trimmings to suit. This deep restoration and rework will require a few months lead time so plan accordingly. Bring your ideas to the table and let's bring this one back! 


Restored, refinished, modified for your plumbing, and legs or bun feet added, $11,000.




34.5" Tall x 37.5" Wide x 20" Deep

1930's solid wood two over two dresser with turned legs. Intricate carved details throughout. These charming details would remain subtle if painted solid, or pop if lightly distressed. The top can be stained or painted. The hepplewhite ring pulls are in excellent condition and appear to be original to the piece.


Restored, refinished, modified for your plumbing, $5000.




Dimensions to Follow

Beautiful oak serpentine three over two piece, with gorgeous and tasteful details all around,  the grain on this one is pure serenity. The mirror can be set up to be hung without the arms if desired.  Top side drawers and large lower drawers will function after modification. There are a lot of ways to configure this, all of which will stun. 


Restored and refinished, converted for your plumbing, $8500 


31" Tall x 28" Wide x 17" Deep

Early to mid 1800s Cabinet with Carrara marble top. Solid walnut front, very rare.  Inset center panel. The marble will be edge trimmed, resurfaced, brightened, and honed as part of the restoration process, or a fresh 3cm thick piece of Danby marble or soapstone would stun. A matching backsplash could be added if needed.  Raising the vanity with walnut bun feet or a matching walnut riser is an option to create toe kick clearance and both would suit the style perfectly.   


With existing top, restored, refinished, converted.

Vic corner 2

Vic corner 2


32 1/2" Tall x 46" Wide x 23 1/4" Deep

This late 1800's oak and walnut victorian chest was gallantly rescued from a broken home. An absolute stunner in form, with no shortage of fascinating details. Bottom skirt is a full depth hidden drawer capable of holding more secrets. Original marble top shows some age, it will be restored, resurfaced, and brightened up as much as possible. Fresh marble is also available. Shown with a Kohler Vox basin.  

Restored, refinished, and converted for your plumbing.

35" Tall x 45" Wide x 21" Deep

Early 1900's two over two dresser, graceful frenched front legs and detailed skirt. The perfect canvas for a stunning conversion. 

$5500 restored and painted, modified for your plumbing. Lets explore the options!

Dimemsions to follow

Charming late 1800s pine commode. Tonal difference seen is because it has been partially sanded by previous owner.  Paired backsplash could be added, or consider a marble or soapstone top, hardware options abound.

$5000 restored and painted or stained to your specification, modified for your plumbing.

34 1/4" Tall x 38" Wide x 20" Deep

Early 1900's two over two dresser, solid poplar, turned front legs. This piece can be painted or stained.

$5000 restored and painted to your specification, modified for your plumbing.

Dimensions to follow

Mid Century Modern three drawer piece on a hardwood base, inset pulls. We've got a lot of options here. I think she would stun with new deep AA grade walnut veneer on the three drawer fronts, stained base to match, and a painted white cabinet, low/modern squared vessel over a 3/4" marble top.

$5000 restored and painted to your specification, modified for your plumbing.


34 3/8" Tall x 36 Wide x 18 Deep

Late 1800's solid oak three drawer piece. Gorgeous specimen, almost entirely rift sawn, which gives the oak its evenly banded grain pattern. Very atypical, the original craftsperson who built this piece was very particular. The height given is without the wheels, legs can be trimmed to suit.  

Restored, refinished, modified for your plumbing.


33 1/2" Tall x 45" Wide x 21" Deep

Beautiful oak 2 over 2 bowfront mirrored piece with quartersawn drawer fronts. The height given is without the wheels.  The hardware is not original, period appropriate hardware is available and included. 

Restored, refinished, modified for your plumbing.

28 1/4" Wide x 17 3/8" Deep

This mid 1800's red oak highboy piece also answers the call for a narrow piece for smaller powder rooms in a dresser format. The modification planned would position the wood top above the third drawer from the bottom. The perfect height for the basin selected will be dialed in by trimming the legs. It is also an option to reprofile the top if an even narrower piece is needed, as the body of the piece is 25 1/4" wide. A paired oak backsplash or a stone top is also an option as always.       

Restored, refinished, modified for height and your plumbing.  $5000

Dimensions to follow

This mid 1800's piece features a breathtaking and dramatic soapstone top. The top, back and scrolled side splashes are in excellent condition. Solid walnut legs and trim with walnut burl veneer in fair condition, all issues will be addressed in restoration. A wall mounted faucet would be stunning with this piece, but deck mounted would also win. The oversize basin shown is just an example, every option exists.     

$8000, restored, refinished, modified for height and your plumbing.