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Every Vermont Vanity undergoes an extensive restoration and reconditioning process that guarantees that we arrive where we need to, and we focus on every detail. 

Our clients are consulted on their existing plumbing to make sure that the piece is modified to allow for ease of installation. If needed, the height of the antique piece can be adjusted for functional and proportional perfection by either trimming and re-profiling legs or by seamlessly modifying the original piece. Original framework is inspected, and commonly reworked and reinforced. After the customization is complete, each piece is finished with professional grade coatings that provide the protection required in a washroom. 



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This late 1800's three drawer oak piece is an example of a typical restoration and conversion. Elements like missing keyhole escutcheons were tended to and a backsplash was fabricated from reclaimed oak from a similar vintage. Time is taken to ensure that these pieces truly come to life, and their best attributes are highlighted in dramatic fashion. 



Antique vessel sink vanity
antique vessel sink vanity


This restoration and conversion of a mid 1800's washstand is an example of another transformation that highlights our commitment to reaching functional and aesthetic goals. This adorable and well worn washstand had seen 150 years of history, no doubt some with care and some with a measure of neglect. The finish was removed down to bare wood, inside and out, with a combination of hand scraping and sanding with HEPA dust extraction. The original height of 28.5" was deemed too short, our solution was to design and build a solid wood base with tapered legs to raise the washstand up by 4". Visually, the base also serves to balance the delicate upper details of the piece. Wood cup pulls were stained and fitted to pair with the original mahogany towel bars. A piece of american history, stunningly converted into a functional washstand in a carefully modernized aesthetic.



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Antique vessel sink vanity
antique vessel sink vanity
antique vessel sink vanity


This mid 1800's marble topped solid mahogany cabinet was converted for a client in Atlanta. We often restore and resurface existing marble but this piece was not a good candidate for an undermount sink.  The goal was also to raise the height of the vanity, so we used 1 1/4" locally quarried Danby Marble. The thicker top is much better paired with the more bold dimensions of the piece. To raise the height further, we built a 2.5" hardwood riser with rounded corner blocks at a slightly larger dimension to create a 'reveal' around the edge. The riser was profiled to match the rounded base. The riser allowed us to save the function of top drawer, a key goal. The undermount sink used was a handpainted talavera sink, and the faucet fixture was early an antique solid brass set forwarded to us by the client. The poorly sized knobs originally on the piece were not native, so they were changed out for an antique set of an ideal size projection. The tone of the piece was originally a little too varied, and it was successfully harmonized during refinishing.  Note how the hearty elements we introduced actually improved the balance of the piece from it's original form, this was particularly satisfying to achieve. 



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antique bathroom vanity
antique bathroom vanity

Some say it's all in the details, and we agree.  Whenever and wherever possible, we use authentic antique/vintage hardware when needed.  You simply cannot buy hardware of this type at retail, so we carry a fair stock of it.



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